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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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in cuba ending today. and showers rolling through the north bay, you know what? we have an update on the drought monitor, a blessing for some and a curse for others. we've got your full forecast including this update, in just moments. >> good morning, i'm anthony slaughter in for mike inouye tracking your morning commute. we have fog across the east bay but otherwise on this friday light, not too bad, not too many accidents this morning. >> plus it's a friday so you know what? everyone's mentality right now is a positive one as we go up the san bruno mountains and look at the bay area and the city of san francisco. it is friday, january the 16th and you are watching "today in the bay." and on that note a very good friday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura. we have more on the story in a moment. first b.a.r.t. protesters plan on blanketing the montgomery
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station in downtown san francisco this morning. >> this stems from an earlier protest in november when 14 people were arrested for slowing down the system, this in the direct aftermath of the michael brown grand jury decision. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang joining us live from san francisco. we're talk being a pretty big protest that could get a matching police response. are they expecting significant delays here? >> reporter: yes, good morning to you both, sam and kris. they are expecting delays, in fact, they warned, b.a.r.t. warned riders to watch out for what could be disruption in service. now b.a.r.t. says it does support peaceful protests as long as the people involved stay outside the fare gates adding if demonstrators cause major disruptions using potentially dangerous tactics, b.a.r.t. police are prepared to respond. protesters have three main demands, first b.a.r.t. drop all charges against those 14 people arrested for chaining themselves to a b.a.r.t. train at the west open station november 28th. group dubbed the black friday 14
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who protested not to indict the police officers who killed michael brown and eric garner. b.a.r.t. must also disband its police force and offer a ticket discount for low-income riders. b.a.r.t. responded by saying it's ready in case things get out of hand. >> again, the primary purpose is to keep people safe so we do have a plan. i can't go into specifics, but i can tell you that b.a.r.t. police are prepared to uphold the law and keep people safe. >> now this is the first of what's said to be a weekend long series of actions called no business as usual. b.a.r.t. protests are scheduled to end with a march in oakland monday, that is martin luther king jr. day. protest organizers posted this picture of the latest b.a.r.t. departure time from each bay area station in order for protesters to get here to the montgomery station by 7:00 this morning when the protest is set to start so they are taking né3d
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protesting it. there are safety concerns as protest organizers have asked people to come here and bring metal spoons. they're not saying why, so that's raising some concerns. coming up in our next, we'll keep you posted on the situation here and talk to riders about how they feel. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> hopefully the spoons just to make a racket. >> hopefully everything remains safe. the gateway to cuba swinging open to americans. the u.s. is relaxing restriction togs identity land nation cut off for more than five decades. >> nannette miranda is live at oakland international. you wonder why, because they're part of this historic change. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. oakland international airport was chosen for flights to cuba because the would-be travelers to the island nation most live in the east bay, while the trade and travel restrictions begin today, the flights don't actually begin until december. still, this is a huge step in easing relations between the
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u.s. and cuba, with nonstop flights to the island nation beginning near the end of the year. ticket sales are expected to begin in october, with spirit airlines, southwest, and jetblue being possible carriers. don't pack your bags just yet. the new regulations allow travel to cuba without first getting a special license only for certain reasons, a dozen reasons, including research and religious activities, humanitarian projects, and certain import and export business. still, no tourism allowed, but people are expected to "self-certify" that they are qualified to travel. >> when we travel to cuba, the cuban government officials were almost begging us to open up trade with them. >> i have like four kids and grandmaxj8)&z right now. >> reporter: once there, americans can use their credit and debit cards with no spending
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limits. they can bring back about $100 worth of tobacco, and many believe that includes the famous cuban cigars, and a big boon to silicon valley some technology can be brute in, internet service, mobile phones and software. the white house estimates only about 5% of cuba has internet access to imagine that these new restrictions, these new rules affecting us, imagine what it means for them. live in oakland international airport, nannette miranda for "today in the bay." >> thanks, nannette. police in paris evacuated a train station this morning because of a bomb threat. police official says the station was closed as a precaution as authorities try to prevent more violence after the terror attacks there. police have been carrying out raids targeting people linked to the gunman who attacked that kosher market in paris last friday. the prosecutor's office says at least ten people were arrested.
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[ gunfire ] the gunfire in belgium this morning, where police are searching for more suspects in what officials called an eminent terror plot. authorities killed two suspects and arrested a third in an intense firefight in a small town of verviers last night. it was one of three leading to arrest of people who recently returned from syria. another raid happened in berlin, police arrested two men suspected of recruiting fighters for isis. in all, authorities say about two dozen people have been arrested in anti-terrorism raids. we have new details on the 20-year-old ohio man accused of planning an attack on the u.s. capitol. the father of christopher cornell says his son is more like a 16-year-old kid than a 20-year-old man and he believes if his son did plan that attack he must have been coerced. investigators say cornell bought two semiautomatic rivals and 600 rounds of ammunition as an undercover operative watched.
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that was an informant looking for leniency on a separate case. cornell wanted to set up an isis cell here in the u.s., court documents say. today president obama is meeting with british prime minister david cameron to talk about concerns and secretary of state john kerry earlier this morning landed in france where this morning's raids will be a big topic of conversation. we have more coming up for you in about 30 minutes. sam? >> thank you. follow-up, health officials have confirmed six cases of measles, we told but it originally yesterday, that are in fact connected with an outbreak at the disney theme park. that along with another confirmed case brings the total number of sick patients to 39. significant number of people were not vaccinated, either opted out or too young to get the shot. >> the measles we see in the u.s. now is cases that are usually imported from out of the country, and then hit a population that has a larger number of kids that are not
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vaccinated. those are the kids that get the measles. >> in its early stages, measles may be mistaken for a bad cold, symptoms include fever, cough, runny nose and a rash. it should be noted it is highly contagious. a bay area fire station that could not afford to stay open in 2012 will finally be back up and running this weekend. we're talking about the clayton fire station in contra costa county. the fire district is funded by property taxes but officials say when the recession hit and property values dipped, the district lost money. so the station was shut down. although the improving economy certainly helps, the department also got a nearly $10 million grant to help reopen that station. the department plans to add 41 firefighters to the district including many now who are being trained. something kris that will definitely be lost, candlestick park, though it may not be imploded after all. overnight we spoke with a member of the bay view hill neighborhood association.
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the city issued a permit wednesday authorizing construction crews to dismantle the stadium instead of imploding it. neighbors living near the park are worried an implosion would spread toxic dust into their neighborhoods. we have calls to the developer in charge of that site to see how the process will begun. once candlestick is gone, a shopping center, hotel and housing complex will be in its place. lots of memories tied to the park. >> surprised to see the pile of old seats there in the middle as they take it down. >> one thing candlestick is known for super high winds. that's the trademark >> no swirling winds at the stick today. we're looking good for light shower activity, maybe in san francisco down to candlestick down through south san francisco, and san mateo county. that's about where i'm going to cut off the chance for today. better chance for us tomorrow morning including us here in the
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beautiful south bay. the showers will be very short lived and we're not going to get much to help out our drought situation but i have an update for you. this is all reflecting the rainfall that we picked up throughout the month of december, and we had a lot of rainfall. i remember december 11th, historic more rain in san jose than over a century. here's what we're working with when it comes to the latest update. marin county, san francisco and san mateo counties really looking much better here, but yes, extreme almeida, santa clara on the east side, you can see we're back in that red. let me give you an update, we were in the exceptional drought category just about everywhere last july, except for marin improvement there. as we head throughout your day today, temperatures are comfortable. we're in the 40s to start. we're going to end up in the mid to upper 60s, and we'll trade these numbers in for the 70s. i want to help you plan your weekend and tell you what's going on around here, coming up in my next report. first is anthony and your drive.
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>> dense fog coming through the east bay. right now not too bad. you look at the east shore freeway, cars are moving, volume is heavy but no accidents through this route. we want to take you over to dublin, you can see volume is heavy there but again this scenario what we see right now, the fog not too thick. in fact just a few days ago the fog was really socked in, in dublin. better drive for commuters today. you look at the traffic maps you can see lots of green coming through the altamont pass and sunol grade and 880 across our bridges same story. really good traffic right now. back to you. >> thank you very much, anthony. it is 5:11 now. still ahead a bay area man makes a massive donation hoping to keep mankind safe from robots. plus if you'd like to make a beer run without leaving the comfort of your couch now there's an app for that. details coming up.
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it is 5:14 right now. the billionaire behind spacex and tesla has donated millions to keep the world safe from robots. elon musk gave the money to make sure art fushl intelligence actually benefits people and doesn't hurt them. in the past, musk has warned art fushl intelligence could be more dangerous than nuclear weapons. his $10 million will be given out as research grants. we're joke being it but that is a real possibility.
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>> he is just trying to keep it real, human even. >> real human. 5:14. the next time you don't want to get off your couch tobá÷ grab a beer, pick up the phone instead. for that and the rest of the news before the bell landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> sam and kris, good morning to you. futures are lower after stocks fell for a fifth straight day on thursday closing at a one-month low in a choppy session. investors citing some disappointing bank earnings, economic data, retail news and continued slide in oil prices. look for data on consumer prices, industrial production and consumer sentiment, the dow falling 106 points to 173020, the nasdaq down to 4570. federal judge ruled bp is liable for thrilling oil in the gulf of mexico in the 2010 deepwater horizon, less than prosecutors claimed and bp faces a maximum fine of $13.7 billion under the
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cleanwater act. trial to determine that fine begins tuesday. you can make a beer run without ever leaving your couch. anheuser busch launched an app called the bud light button. for now only available in washington, d.c. 24-pack of bud light costs $19.99, miller lite offers similar delivery in boston, seattle, new york and d.c. last year. this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "there's an app for that." >> there's a bud for that bud. >> maybe that's next. there's a bud for that. follow up right now, a beermaker's brawl is over. let's stay on this beer topic. petaluma is dropping its lawsuit against lagunitas, saying it looked close to its own ipa trademarked logo. after getting slammed by a storm of social media outrage, he
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announced he'd drop the complaints. sierra is pushing the release date of its new ipa date until the next. >> you learn from the court of public opinion. the the american red cross urging people to roll up their sleeves and donate today. there will be a blood drive at ucsf running from 10:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. january is national blood donor month. the red cross says this is a difficult time of year for blood donations because people are often sick and bad weather keeps people from showing up to do their regular donations. the red cross will also hold blood drives next monday and thursday, also in san francisco, but you can show up any time you make an appointment. >> indeed. this is not the news you want to hasser in the middle of the drought. the san francisco public utility had to dump 50 million gallons of water as part of a safety test for a local dam. the commission flushed the drinking water into the san
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mateo creek yesterday, in total the amount of water released is equivalent to nearly 3 million showers at home. i can see internally christina is cringing right now. the crystal springs dam on the peninsula has been upgraded with new valves which need to be tested in cases of an emergency. >> the emergency drawdowns are used for heavy rain events, flooding, we might need to reduce the reservoir level to capture more rain and reduce and control flooding downstream. >> less than a mile from the dam, technicians for the u.s. geological survey monitored creek levels. the data may be useful during the next big storm. >> my kids are volunteering to forego showers this weekend to make up that deficit. kids across the bay area are volunteering. some kids like their showers, rubber duckie as well in the bathtub. i got to tell you i appreciate that. please let them know. i was cringing internally and externally, i believe they call that the stink face and nobody
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wears that well. 5:18 now. let's get you outdoors, show you what we're working with, with the shower activity. not a lot but it is going to purify our air quality which we need. we had a spare the air yesterday. it's just been a rough month for sparing the air, without this rain that we need, but the storm track is dipping book to the south. it's interesting the bay area is the dividing line between where we'll see showers and remain dry. if you live in extreme sonoma county to the north you'll get a little bit of shower activity for today but just about everywhere south staying mostly dry. we have a better chance as we wake up tomorrow morning to get a little bit of showers. here's the thing, 45 degrees in the south bay, temperatures are nice and mild. we have a blanket of clouds overhead, trapped in some of the warmth from yesterday. because we're starting out mild we easily hit highs above average, that 66 degrees for the south bay today, 66 on the east shore. here's the deal. high pressure to our south, that's really blocking the storm
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track but it sits just to the north of the bay area. i mean here's your dividing line right here. what happens is as the showers come n collide with the dry air provided by high pressure and so the showers just kind of dissipate before even making their way south of that golden gate bridge. but if you like warm weather this is going to turn out to be really nice for you. we still have good conditions in tahoe, courtesy of the showers that came through over the month of december. now we didn't get a lot of snowpack but you're still working with over three feet at the base, squaw valley, alpine meadows and temperatures comfortable. for us i'm thinking about the beach. 68 degrees saturday, showers early, cutting off the chance 7:00 a.m. getting into the rest of maub a loybe a long weekend . as we honor dr. martin luther king jr. temperatures nice monday and tuesday and the storm starts to dip back to the bay area next week. first let's check your drive with anthony. >> good morning to you. i'm thinking about the beach, too, but maybe monday. all right, let's talk about this
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traffic, you can see this is our fremont cam. you were pointing out the clouds and the fog from our camera, so there is a little bit of fog and low cloud cover out there, especially once you get through the caldecott tunnel towards the benicia bridge as well. keep that in mind. on the traffic maps it's not that bad. light volume from hayward into oakland and towards new park and fremont, no problems on the 880 corridor. through the sunol grade a little bit of slowing i expect because of the fog there. silicon valley, lots of green ticks on the highway, strask movi traffic is moving. not too bad right now, traffic is still very light but as we head up 101 into palo alto the same traffic still moving without a problem through pa lowal toe. earlier accident shoreline boulevard and 101 northbound has cleared, traffic is moving, not a problem here.
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back to you. >> a good report for a friday. thank you very much, anthony. it is 5:21 right now. coming up, one pet alligator, hard enough to believe but still ahead, another one to tell you about found in the same neighborhood. >> what? stay tuned for that. it's not every day you see a robber caught on camera giving a thumbs up. we'll explain what's going on in this picture next.
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welcoming back. south bay nightclub is facing copse quenss for a security breach following a shooting at the chris brown concert. five people were injured at the fiesta nightclub early sunday morning. so far there have been no arrests, though. the nightclub owner accepted a 60-day suspension of his entertainment permit in the
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process. there were more problems also for r&b singer kris chris brown yesterday. brown also failed to complete his community service hours. the singer remains free until his next hearing which is scheduled for march. >> you think the judge isn't going to know you leave town for a concert? >> fairly visible. deputies in colorado are looking for a man they describe as the friendliest robber they've come across. >> if you're going to do it, do it with a sense of flair. they say he walked into a convenience store, realized he knew the clerk and said i was going to rob this place, but i know you. then he gave the clerk a thumbs up and just walked right out. >> he did have something over his face so the clerk didn't recognize him but this picture was caught by a surveillance camera. deputies say a short time later a man matching that same description robbed the 7-eleven a few blocks away.
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yesterday we told you about a 37-year-old alligator taken from a family's home in southern california even though the family said it was their beloved pet. >> a second pet alligator was seized from the same neighborhood. >> what are the odds of that? yesterday afternoon word of an abandoned alligator in the yard of a vacant house in l.a., not florida, l.a. when they got there they found a two-foot-long alligator in a large aquarium. >> the owner has not come forward probably because it's illegal to keep alligators in los angeles county without a permit. the two cases do not appear to be related. just a coincidence. >> is it legal to keep alligators in some places? apparently. a woman in ohio is saying thank you to a police officer who stepped in to help her on a rough day. >> she was having car trouble monday making her late on the first day of her new job. she took the car to the repair shop after work and learned the fix would cost 100 bucks, money she didn't have. she went back to her car and started to cry, when a police
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officer walked up and asked her what the problem was. she told him and something unexpected happened. >> he just dropped a $100 bill in my lap and he just, he walked away before i could even see his name tag or he could even, you know, say anything else. he just said have a great day, and he walked away. >> courtney used that money to pay for the repair. she still doesn't know who the officer was but hopes to be able to thank him in person someday. >> that's sweet. 5:27 now. coming up a warning for b.a.r.t. riders across the bay area this morning. protesters plan to shut down the busy platform this morning. we'll tell you where and why next. plus even if you got one, your flu vaccine may not protect you. the unsettling admission from the cdc about the ineffectiveness of this year's influenza shot. we'll explain.
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changes are in the works for could consumers and travelers as some of the long held divisions with cuba are being wiped clean starting today. details in a moment. they just completed an historic climb of yosemite. now the rock stars are headed back up el capitan. we'll explain.
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maybe you've been inspired to go for a hike. >> a real dicey track of our forecast to the north, we might get showers on saturday and sunday now. i'm checking the models and will bring you the latest in moments. >> i'm anthony slaughter in for mike inouye. we have heavy volume coming through the east bay, and a little bit of fog. i'll get you up to speed with the morning commute and out the door on time. >> okay, anthony, keeping us up to date. live look outside, yes that is the bay bridge, nice and filled up today. probably a lot of folks hoping to start early and end early on this friday. it's january the 16th, and you are watching "today in the ba.". >> good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura today. >> and i'm sam brock. we'll have more on the stories in just a moment. first could be a messy commute
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for people this morning. protesters are planning to stage a rally at one of b.a.r.t.'s busiest stations. >> "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live at the montgomery station in the financial district in san francisco. we're talking about a pretty big protest that could get a big matching police response. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you, kris and sam. it's quiet now here at montgomery station but still pretty early. within the next hour is when we should start to see some of these people arrive for the protests here. b.a.r.t. saying it does support any peaceful effoprotests as los they stay outside the fare gates. if they do, its police force is on standby and ready to sfond. the protesters have three main demands. first they want b.a.r.t. to drop all charges against the 14 people who were arrested for chaining themselves to a b.a.r.t. train back on november 28th, at the west oakland station. they were protesting in the name of black lives matter.
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the grand jury decisions in ferguson, missouri, and in new york, not to indict those police officers who killed unarmed black men michael brown and eric garner. we did speak with b.a.r.t. rider this is morning who said they left extra early to avoid a potential mess, and aren't too happy with what's happening this morning. now we can look at one of the pictures that was posted by protest organizers of the latest b.a.r.t. departure times from bay area stations, times they would have to leave in order to get to montgomery station by 7:00 this morning when the protest is set to start, so they are taking b.a.r.t., some of them, and then coming here to protest b.a.r.t. also, you can look at their facebook page posted and it shows that this is the first of what's said to be a weekend-long series of actions called no business as usual, b.a.r.t. protests, that's scheduled to end with a march in oakland on monday, of course, that's martin luther king jr. day.
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back here live we did speak with b.a.r.t. riders. they do support peaceful efforts but they are not too happy that they've had to leave extra early this morning to get to where they need to go. organizers asking people to come with metal spoons, presumably to make a lot of noise although they didn't explain what for just yet. live in san francisco at the montgomery b.a.r.t. station, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> the key word there, peaceful. we hope it stays that way. blocks away from that protest, a march takes place at noon, this in the area around city hall, this involves the recent and abrupt closure of the civic center campus owned by city college of san francisco. students and teachers found out three days before that the start, before the start of the smesst semester the facility would get shut down indefinitely. trustees say the campus is not seismically safe. today's march from the civic center camp to us city hall. new details now on just how
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effective or ineffective this year's flu shot really is. the centers for disease control, the cdc now says the vaccine only works about one out of four times. experts say that it's a big reason why the flu season is so severe this year. doctors say this does not mean you should avoid getting a flu shot if you haven't gotten one already, especially true in california where flu season doesn't peak until sometime next month. >> these are early estimates. they are lower than we would have hoped, but not completely unexpected with the mismatch viruses that are circulating. >> web the vaccine was first made last summer it was designed to fight a different flu strain than the one that's getting people stick right now. however, it is still doing a good job of preventing other strains that doctors are seeing. this is not open season for travel but this morning travel to cuba will become a reality and more relaxed for some americans. all of this following a landmark announcement by u.s. officials
5:35 am
that lifts many travel restrictions to that country. >> "today in the bay's" nannette miranda is live at oakland international airport with details on who will be allowed to travel and why oakland is leading the charge. good morning, nannanette. nannette. >> good morning, chris. don't pack your bags just yet. while the new travel and trade restrictions take effect today there are no direct nonstop flights to havana from oakland just yet, not until december at the earliest. guide lines to help you prepare, credit and debit cards will be allowed there with no spending limit. your bank probably has something to say about that. there's a $1 hub limit on tobacco products brought back to the u.s. and many believe this includes the famous cubancy cis and some technology can be brought n mobile phones and software. there are only 12 reasons why you can go to cuba without a special license, including research and religious activities, humanitarian projects, import and export
5:36 am
business, but no tourism. however, people are expected to be able to certify themselves as being qualified to travel to cuba. >> the goal the president has set outwf is more engagement. that's the way the president and the administration believes that we can affect change with cuba. >> spirit airlines, southwest and jetblue are possible carriers to havana from oakland international. oakland was chosen because most of the would-be travelers to cuba live here in the east bay. the flight is roughly six hours and round trip will probably cost about $900. ticket sales are expected to begin in october for flights beginning in december, and that's right around the time we're starting to get pretty cold here. tropical island sounds about good then. live in oakland international airport, nannette miranda for "today in the bay." >> i'd go with you on a fact-finding mission. >> sounds good to families able
5:37 am
to see their relatives more. thank you very much, nannette. a first of its kind law for any state in the nation. arizona of course now requiring high school students to pass the u.s. citizenship civics test in order to graduate. the newly elected governor signed the bill into law last night. the test involves 100 possible questions, those include knowing how many house and senate members there are, the name of the president and vice president, the name of the national anthem but harder questions include who wrote the federalist papers. good luck with that. the answer to this one, alexander hamilton, james madison and john jay. >> show off. >> i also have a little bit of assistance and by the way i'm fairly confident christina, i would have not gotten john jay. that would have tripped me up but you are a history buff. >> if we expect citizens to know that, we should know it as well. >> that is right and those tests are not easy. it's always a good idea to get a refresher. i thought you said joan jett.
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45 degrees in the south bay. 46 degrees on the peninsula. 49 degrees in the east bay. but it's a friday, maybe you want to get your tunes going, get your engine revved up and hit the highway so you can get to work. i can tell you right now, temperatures will be comfortable out there. 63 degrees in the north bay, 62 in san francisco but our forecast putting me to the test this morning. we've got this storm track just to our north, actually looking more promising for some showers. let me show you what we're working with right now. look at ukiah. if you want to go to the rushing river, one of my favorite places to visit we have showers up there. it's not a great weekend. you want to head south if you're looking for the warmth and the sunshine that, storm track will stay right where it is as we head throughout much of your weekend into next week. so you can see some rich moisture over clear lake, ukiah, lake county. maybe picking up an inch of rain from the system that will stay right where it is for much of the day, but then let me take you into your saturday and sunday looking like we might get shower activity even right here
5:39 am
in the south bay. high pressure sits over us, doesn't want to budge. it's strong enough to boost your temperatures up into the mid to upper 60s saturday into sunday, then as we head through monday and tuesday, staying nice and comfortable. i'm going to show you why high pressure just won't get out of here, and when we might get some appreciable rainfall right here in the bay area. first let's check your drive, here's anthony slaughter. >> the south bay, come on, we always miss it. that's always our frustration, right? all right, let's show you what's happening in dublin. this is our commute that was impacted with dense fog a couple days ago. not too bad. traffic is moving smoothly but heavy volume. notice that on the traffic maps. right there we're starting to see slowing but no accidents through that area and through the sunol grade. zooming out further, 880, green from oakland down through hayward, fremont and into newark. unfortunately at the bay bridge this is the scene and you can see lots of cars already piling in.
5:40 am
just imagining folks are getting it in early to get off work early. back to you. >> anthony you know the formula. thank you very much. 5:39. an update to a developing story out of europe where nearly two dozen people were arrested overnight, suspected of terrorism. plus why business leaders across the country are raising money in hopes of getting students into theaters for free. we are back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather, right after the break.
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5:42. to a developing story police in paris evacuated a train station this morning after a bomb threat there. police officials say that the station was closed as a precaution as authorities try to prevent more violence after the terror attacks there. in belgium two would-be jihadists are dead, a third is in custody. authorities raided a terrorist cell they say was on the verge of attacking police. in all more than two dozen people were arrested in several raids in europe. "today in the bay's" tracie
5:43 am
potts has the latest detail and impact here in the u.s. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry laid wreaths this morning at the paris supermarket and "charlie hebdo" offices where terrorists killed the innocent. overnight, news broke of more police raids, 12 arrests in and around paris. people believe to have helped in last week's attacks, and separately, two arrests in berlin, germany. they're still looking for more. and in belgium, a neighbor captured one of three raids on terror suspects there. authorities think they were planning to attack police. two suspects were killed, and 13 arrested. >> we found several police uniforms, material for communication, walkie-talkies and radios, mobile cellphones, false documents and an amount of money. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner who himself was the recent target of a foiled atack
5:44 am
credits controversial government surveillance for uncovering a plot to bomb the u.s. capitol. >> our government does not spy on americans unless there are american who are doing things that, frankly, tip off our law enforcement officials to eliminate that threat. >> reporter: david cameron agreed. >> should we allow safe space force terrorists to communicate with other? my answer is maybe we shouldn't he a. >> reporter: responding to terror is high on the agenda when cameron meets president obama at the white house today. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> one of the things the u.s. and great britain will be cooperating on is the cyber war games, staged cyber attacks to evaluate how it is we all respond. the first one will target london banks and then wall street later this year. women right now have a new opportunity in the military. the pentagon has given a green light to allow women to train with the elite army rangers. officials say about 60 women have signed up to be a part of
5:45 am
this next training course, which will begin in april. right now, it's just a pilot program, but the outcome could have a big impact on the future of american women, this of course in combat roles. president obama will hold a screening of the movie "selma" at the white house today, with the cast and the crew. >> here in the bay area there's a push to get middle school students involved, allow them to see that movie for free this weekend, they can do just that. >> we must march. we must stand up. >> how that film tells the story of dr. martin luther king jr.'s campaign for equal voting rights on a march from selma to montgomery, alabama, back in 1965. african-american businessmen and women have started a grassroots campaign to help students see this film. they're raising money across the country to pay for the tickets so students can see it for free. >> with this generation, it's a little bit removed, but it's important that they understand the importance of the movement and what happened. >> you can go to
5:46 am
to find out which 11 bay area theaters are participating in the selma for students project. middle school students can see the movie for free by showing either a report card or student i.d. at one of those theaters. the free tickets will run through monday, martin luther king day, or until the tickets run out. although "selma" seems to have presidential approval its actors got a bit of a snub for the oscars. all 20 acting nominees are white, none from the movie "selma" that has not happened in 17 years. the nominations have generated a lot of criticism. academy president who is african-american responded to the controversy saying this year's movies were just very competitive. we should point out "selma" the movie is still in the running for best picture. happening today, the two men who climbed their way into history yesterday, there they are, they will hike back to the top of el capitan in yosemite, picking up some belonging answer
5:47 am
gear they left along the way. after 19 gruels days, santa rosa's kevin jorgeson in the yellow and his climbing partner in green, tommy caldwell, successfully made it up up the dawn wall wednesday using nothing but their hands and feet, something the two dreamed of for years but planned for, for the last seven years and while jorgeson is tired and you can see from his hands a little banged up, he says he is on cloud nine and has a message for el cap. >> thank you. what an adventure. she was nice to us. let us up. it could have been the other way around for sure. >> that did happen to them before. the 3,000-foot journey up the dawn wall is considered the hardest free climb ever attempted. jorgeson's parents say their son's first climb came when he was just 3 years old. he did climb onto the couch? no. he climbed up to the roof of his aunt's house when no one was looking. >> here's the thing. some kids, they play with legos.
5:48 am
others scale roofs and then you know okay, we got, we're on to something now, this guy is different. also it you see the hands, like the size of feet. >> and they're swollen. >> i think that's a safe bet. she's like i don't want to talk about this. >> how much do= you love el captain turns out to be a woman. >> i know, yes. >> she was good to them. >> lacapitana. i like that. 5:48, it's going to be nice out there this morning. we keep talking about how we have flights now available to cuba and boy i want a cuban sandwich so badly this morning. you might be hungry. it's friday. we work hard for the money here in the silicon valley. sometimes we stay later than we should. lot of times we're working for the very, very valuable weekends. it's going to be a great one for to you hit the beach if that's something you're into. as we head throughout the next couple days we'll keep the storm track well to our north of the
5:49 am
south bay but everywhere else, i'm thinking we'll see a little bit of shower activity and by sunday it looks like the storm track will dip back to the south. i'm going to show you what i'm talking about in a minute. temperatures this morning mostly in the 40s. we have some thick fog developing out there through the trivalley, even some fog, patches of fog drifting around the south bay so please travel cautiously. here's the setup. this is very unusual but this is what we're working with. high pressure just to our south, low pressure just to our north so the bay area is kind of the cutoff line for who will see the shower activity. as we head throughout the next couple of days, storm track stays right where it is. it will stay put for most of next week as well. we're fair game, a 10% to 20% chance of showers with strong high pressure firmly in control keeping our temps in the 60s and 70s. if you're looking for the sunmine you want to head south. half moon bay 68 degrees by saturday. 66 for your sunday. mid-60s on the way to the north bay as well and then even for next week staying nice and comfortable. notice more clouds. i think that storm track will be
5:50 am
back with us as we head through wednesday, thursday, even friday, maybe some measurable precipitation but really kind of an interesting setup out there. kris is excited. i am, too, not trying to wash my car this weekend, anthony. >> no, me either but i'm trying to go to the beach like you. maybe we can carpool and bring the twins. let's talk about the traffic. here the metering lights are on at the bay bridge approach so keep that in mind, folks getting in a little early start on this friday. i want to show you the traffic maps because what you'll notice, lots of green on the map. we're not finding a whole lot of delays coming in from 880, also 580, from 80 down towards emeryville up towards university we've got some slowing. once you get past that it is okay. san francisco once you head over the bridge down to 10, cesar chavez off-ramp a car is blocking the off-ramp there so keep that in mind if that is your route, all the way down 101 and 80 no problems, redwood city and menlo park. into san jose this is where we
5:51 am
find slowing, typical spot 101 northbound. as we take you to the live cam stop and go traffic through this specific location and of course this is always the spot that's slow going so keep that in mind if you use this route it's going to be another slow go here on this friday. back to you. >> thank you very much. if you are having trouble remembering something important, close your eyes. a new study finds people have better visual and auditory recall when they think with their eyes closed. participants in the study were shown a crime re-enactment video and interviewed about the details of the film. those told to close their eyes while taking the test got 23% more answers right than those who kept their eyes open. so close them when you're looking for your keys, open them when you're trying to think of the direction you're going. >> don't close them when you're in the car trying to find out where you're going. some new parents who are also on the road are calling highway 24 a miracle highway. two mothers gave birth on the shoulder of the highway two days in a row. >> that's wild. the first baby arrived wednesday
5:52 am
morning, baby boy near aclanes street in lafayette. his parents thought they had hours of contractions to wait through but sabrina cheung's water broke on pablo dam road so minutes later baby gabriel was ready to make his debut. >> pull off her pants as fast as i can, she puts her leg here and here and i'm looking down, he's already crowning. i can see a little head. it was freezing on the highway, you know, we had big rigs passing by and all kinds of cars obviously. >> he took the reins, and i couldn't be happier and more proud. >> in all the chaos, dad caught gabriel, wrapped him in a pillow case and warmed him under mom's shirt on her chest. both mom and baby are doing well. just yesterday another baby born on highway 24 near the 680 interchange. the chp telling us the proud new dad pulled to the right shoulder
5:53 am
as his wife delivered a healthy baby boy. two babies in two days. >> it truly is miraculous and also very descript. . >> if you had a baby you're not queasy about that. >> it would be homer simpson's dream come true, an app that lets you make a beer run without leaving the couch. >> probably more people than just homer. anheuser-busch launched the bud light button. it offers one-hour delivery of a case of beer. only in washington, d.c., right now, appears to be a test-run. 24-pack of bud light cans coast you $19.99. miller lite started a similar delivery service in new york, seattle and d.c. >> maybe keep people off the road when they're having a few. so after people in d.c. take advantage of that new app, you know, the beer delivery, many will likely want to hit the gym in hopes of burning off all those calories. >> we are still in january, right? optimism still runs very high. researchers are trying to figure out if going to the gym after a
5:54 am
night of drinking helps you or hurts you. here's brian scott with more. >> push, push, push, push, push, push! >> reporter: it seems like a no-brainer. the gym plus the bar just don't mix. >> extend. >> reporter: danielle leavitt and her team think there's more to the equation. >> people with exercise drink much or more than people who don't. that's clear from large national surveys. >> reporter: still many seem to gain muscle and keep in shape and the folks here say there's actually little research on how the two interact. >> keep pushing. >> reporter: so they're taking it on, working with test subjects who work out regularly and monitoring how their muscles work in intense exercise. >> following the exercise, they consume a beverage. >> reporter: some alcoholic. >> we expect them to get up to a bac of about 0.12. >> reporter: then they see how it affects the body's recovery.
5:55 am
do the two cancel each other out or are you doing harm combining them? from there they hope to find a better balance. >> what if you separate your drinking from your exercise by more hours? how much, is it okay for two beers, maybe not ten weerbeers. >> reporter: so you can have your fun -- >> push, push, push. >> reporter: and not ruin your work. >> a lot of pushing going on. researchers wish they had a secret formula for you now. they'll go through the data and figure it out. >> they hope to start finding results this year and have tips for your new year's resolution next year. there's always neck year. >> it's a great attitude to look forward with a sense of real hope. in the meantime let's push through to what's going on outside, i have a sense we have a lot of good stuff. good morning, christina. >> by the way the beach this weekend, that-a-way. she's got tickets to the gun
5:56 am
show. 45 degrees in the south bay, peninsula at 46. what a lovely day for part of the bay area. few showers in the north bay that may be something you're looking forward to up there, a little driz. in san francisco. overall a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees above average as we get through the next few days. we'll help you make the plans if you haven't done so already. here's anthony to help you get there. >> where is the beach, that way. >> nice. >> haven't worked out in a while. got to get my chops up. all right, let's talk about this traffic. this is san francisco if you're just joining us. i want to start you off with this accident 80 eastbound so headed out of the city you'll notice there's an accident at harrison so the beach that way, the other way. if you are headed this way into san francisco, the metering lights are on, could keep that in mind. so a slow go there and also at the sunol grade we have a couple of accidents on 680 southbound at vargas and another one just a little past that, so if you keep that in mind a little bit of fog moving through dublin. you can see from our live cam
5:57 am
heavy volume but things are moving. that's the good news and you can see the road this morning. guys, back to you. >> a lot of vision related stuff. i guess seeing is believing. thank you very much. >> we like to weave a theme. >> 5:57. still ahead the morning commute, we've been talking about it, it's never easy but do not expect party to help ease your traffic troubles this morning. protesters are planning to block a busy station. we'll have a live report with much more information after the break. plus an update on the developing news out of france and belgium where several overnight raids netted several suspected terrorists.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now it is 6:00, almost demme in addition time. the new details this morning about how the stick will come down. a warning for your morning commute, some protesters could
6:00 am
bring your ride to work to a standstill. >> i'm anthony slaughter in for mike inouye. the metering lights are on the toll plaza and we will eight let you know if there are any accidents stacking up across the bay area. >> another gorgeous day across the bay area, light showers today. one of the rare weekends you can hit the slopes in tahoe or maybe stay local and hit the beach. we'll have the forecast for both coming up in just moments. the options are just so plentiful. meantime you might be smoking your way up this hill, we'll do it for you, san bruno mountain, live look at the bay area, the city of san francisco. it's friday january the 16th and you are watching "today in the bay." >> good morning, and thanks for joining us. laura garcia-cannon is off this morning, so i'm here with sam, kris sanchez, sam brock. >> she's kris, i'm sam. b.a.r.t. riders be warned. today protesters could k


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